The time it has taken to put this book together is a brilliant accomplishment of sorts. The self belief I had to generate was a hot fast lesson. The help and support I’ve received along the way from a handful of glittering humans has become almost the point of the publication itself.

So. Here it is. A piece of me.

Sometimes you have to Bite the Dog, published by Soul Rocks books is my personal account of parenting from the nerve shredding arrival through to the mind rattling first birthday. Joyous and deadly all at the same time.

If I’m honest I can barely bring myself to open it. The words melt on the page. The recollections of that time drive a spear through my chest, like it couldn’t have been prevented in the first place. These words had to come out. They had to slither, burn and smash into the minds of others. I couldn’t hold them in anymore.

Parenting is hard work. We are sleep deprived, dead eyed keepers of the eternal flame. We love without fail. We fail without pause. We wake each day with fireworks in our hearts and stones in our bellies. We take our children by the hand into a future unsure of itself.

So thank you to all who commented, who shared, who loved and believed. Your names are too numerous to list here.

Thank you to those who saw something in my writing and recognized it as their own.

Thank you for making me realise I am not alone.


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One thought on “Release

  1. hurrahforgin says:

    Congratulations. I’ve not read it yet as i have been so busy but i will do soon and i know it will be good :)

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